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Can My Child Go To School Without Being Vaccinated?

09 December

The United States public school system is designed to be inclusive so that all children can attend school. This inclusion policy usually includes children who haven’t been vaccinated according to the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination schedule. Though the exact guidelines and exclusions can vary among different states, almost all children will still be allowed […]

The Cost Of Alzheimer’s Care: Your Options For Covering The Expenses

13 November

Whether at home or in a facility, Alzheimer’s care can be costly.  Since the costs are comprised of both medical and non-medical expenses, your options for insurance coverage and other assistance are somewhat varied.  To make the most of the financial assistance available to you, check into each of these possible options to see what […]

Benefits Of A Walk-In Clinic

12 November

You probably have a family doctor who takes care of your family’s routine medical needs like annual physicals and vaccinations. There may be times that you need medical care or services and cannot see your regular physician due to scheduling conflicts or other issues.  You may fall ill or your children may become sick or […]