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Cremating A Deceased Loved One: The Process & Why It Is More Affordable Than A Cemetery Burial

11 December

Losing a loved one is difficult to cope with, especially when you are unable to grieve because you have to plan a funeral. You may want to consider cremation if you are in a financial bind because it will still allow you to plan a decent funeral at a place like Marine Park Funeral Home […]

What You Get From Home Health Care That You Can’t From Hospital Care

10 December

When you’re faced with a long-term recovery from surgery or other medical procedure, you often have the choice of staying in the hospital or being at home. As the costs of inpatient care increases, more people are opting for home health care. Besides the cost savings, there are many other benefits to recuperating in your […]

Can My Child Go To School Without Being Vaccinated?

09 December

The United States public school system is designed to be inclusive so that all children can attend school. This inclusion policy usually includes children who haven’t been vaccinated according to the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination schedule. Though the exact guidelines and exclusions can vary among different states, almost all children will still be allowed […]

Learn Why A Casket May Be The Perfect Gift To Give To Someone Who Seems To Have Everything

04 December

Holidays are often very stressful because finding a great gift for everyone on your list can be difficult. What do you get for the person that seems to have everything? A tisket, a tasket, how about getting them a casket? A casket is the perfect gift to give to someone that has just about any […]