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Top Reasons To Go Through Injury Rehabilitation

19 November

If you have been injured, you need to take the steps needed to make sure that you are getting back to your old self as soon as possible. To help you do this, you will want to take part in injury rehabilitation, which has many benefits. Take a few minutes to read through the following […]

Cataracts And Diabetes: What You Need To Know

03 November

People with diabetes are more likely to develop cataracts, which can reduce your ability to see clearly. This clouding of the eye’s lens can be treated with cataract surgery in some cases. Here is what you need to know about cataracts if you have diabetes. Routine Vision Care Is Important Diabetes can cause several types […]

Choosing A Wheelchair Lift

20 October

When you are confined to a wheelchair, you have to think about not only how you will get yourself in and out of a vehicle, but also how you will get your wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. In some cases, you may be able to fold down your wheelchair and throw it into […]

5 Tips For Dealing With Springtime Allergies

07 October

The spring season may bring warm weather and beautiful flowers, but it can be quite irritating to those who suffer from allergies. All of the pollen in the air can lead to itchy throats, watery eyes, congestion and even headaches. Although you can’t completely cure allergies, you can find relief. Here are five helpful tips […]

Working Professionals: Helpful Steps For Dealing With Foot Pain

23 September

If you work on a regular basis, your feet may hurt often. In order to deal with this type of chronic pain, you can take these steps. Stand on Anti-Fatigue Mats Having to stand all day long may be the cause of your foot pain. If your company allows it, set up an anti-fatigue mat […]

Custom Or Standard: Which Foot Inserts Are Better For You?

02 September

Are you considering using shoe inserts to control your foot pain? Many shoes do not offer all the support that is typically needed by those who have constant foot issues. Since your feet support the full weight of your body, it is vital that they are supported as much as possible, even if you have […]

If Your Baby Has Been Diagnosed With Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis, Forget These Scoliosis Myths

18 August

If your infant has been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis, you might have been surprised to hear that the condition affects children so young. Most people associate scoliosis with adolescence; the growth spurts that occur around puberty are a very common time for the condition to manifest itself. And it’s also natural to be worried about […]

How To Reduce Foot Pain During Pregnancy

05 August

When you are pregnant, you are going to be putting a lot more pressure on your feet and ankles due to the larger amount of blood that you are producing, as well as because of the weight gain that you have to go through in order to make sure that your baby is getting enough […]

How To Successfully Recover From Spinal Surgery At Home

23 July

You’ve battled lower back pain for a long time and your doctor finally suggested surgery as a way to get rid of it completely. It will take several months to recover, but you can do it at home. Here is what to expect when you first get home after surgery and during the months following. […]

Deadly Peanut Allergies: Are Doctors Closing In On A Cure?

07 July

Approximately 1 to 2 percent of people have a peanut allergy in the United States. While that may not seem like a lot, peanut allergies are of serious concern because they often cause the most violent and deadly allergic reactions. The majority of allergic reactions occur very quickly, within 20 minutes of ingestion. And they […]