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What You Need To Know About A Diabetic Watchdog

08 June

If you or a family member has Type 1 Diabetes, you may have heard about a diabetic watchdog. Many people are talking about these diabetic watchdogs, and for good reasoning. They can be a great addition to the family, and can offer many benefits for the diabetic person. Here are some things that you need […]

Recovering From Cancer And Cancer Treatments: What You Should Know

24 April

When you have battled cancer and have come out the other side victorious, you do not do so entirely unscathed. Many people who have undergone cancer treatments have had one or more surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or many other treatments that may have caused your body damage in the process. So, once the battle with […]

Types Of Dynamic Stretching

09 April

Stretching before activity is a great way to warm up and reduce sports injuries. All stretching is not created equal, though. It’s important that you have a good mix of static and dynamic stretching that doesn’t occur all at once before activity. This way, you are properly warmed up and ready to go with a […]

My Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Coming Up. What Can I Expect?

30 March

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure, especially for young adults in their late teens through mid-twenties. Although there aren’t solid statistics on this procedure, some experts estimate that between sixty and eighty percent of people eventually need to have their wisdom teeth removed. In other words, if you’re having your wisdom teeth removed, you’re not alone. […]